2021 Kalender What's Next

Planlægning af Leadership Dev. Encounter, Zoom

Europæisk Ledermøder, Zoom

N. Europæisk Ledermøde, Zoom 

Undervise Vision Development Workshop, Zoom

18.01 - 22.01
Undervise DTS Røsvik, Zoom

25.01 - 05.02
Undervise medarb. træning, Eur / Asien, Zoom
Leadership Development Encounter 

Forkynde, Evangelisk Frikirke, Randers

09.02 - 10.02
Europæisk Ledermøde, Zoom

Interview Leaders Lounge, Zoom/YouTube

Min fødselsdag :)

22.02 - 25.02
Undervise DTS, Restenäs, Sverige

08.03 - 12.03
Undervise APC, Burtigny, Schweiz


About Me

I work full­time as a volunteer with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). YWAM is one of the biggest Christian missions movements in the world, here my focus is on: 

  • Teaching and development with University of the Nations (UofN)

  • Equipping of staff

  • Leadership and coordination in Northern Europe

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