2020 Kalender What's Next

Undervise, Internationalt Venskab, Juelsminde


Undervise nordiske DTS medarbejdere, Zoom 

01.09 - 02.09
Globale ledermøder, Zoom

04.09 - 06.09
Herning Frikirkes Menighedslejr

Bestyrelsesmøde og generalforsamling, Sjellebro

25.09 - 26.09
Undervise, menighedslejr, Oasekirken, Holstebro

28.09 - 29.09
Bestyrelsesmøde, YWAM Norge, Røsvika, Norge

12.10 - 14.10
Nordisk Ledermøde, Tampere, Finland

19.10 - 21.10
Europæisk Ledermøde, København

Prædike, Kristus for Alle, Juelsminde

About Me

I work full­time as a volunteer with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). YWAM is one of the biggest Christian missions movements in the world, here my focus is on: 

  • Teaching and development with University of the Nations (UofN)

  • Equipping of staff

  • Leadership and coordination in Northern Europe

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