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Changing of the Guards at Restenäs

Fra baseleder til elev!

Dear Friends, it is a great joy to announce that we have a new base leader and expanded leadership team. It has been a true privilege for me to serve as base leader for the past six years, working with passionate staff and young leaders from all over the world. We have seen hundreds of people equipped for missions and going out on outreach teams. The campus itself has had a facelift and six of our buildings have new roofs.

One of my greatest memories was seeing 1 million SEK raised in one evening resulting in the Restenäs mortgage being paid off. God is faithful!

With valuable support from Terje and Eva Konradsen, there has been the two-year process of growing and strengthening the leadership team, thus releasing me further into my personal calling. I am delighted to hand over the leadership role to Isak Oscarsson, a young Swede, who has been here since taking his Discipleship Training School, staffing and leading DTSs, the Mobile Team, and serving on the Leadership Team.

I fully trust that Isak, his wife Bea and the Leadership Team are right for this hour, and will lead Restenäs with integrity and vision into a fruitful future. I would request your support and prayers for them in this crucial time of team formation.

What now?

I shall remain in Sweden and stay linked with the base, available for input in the new leadership. I'll continue with my teaching ministry, various regional leadership roles and internationally for University of the Nations (UofN). I look forward to having time to develop teaching material and taking a more active part in further developing the UofN. Today we have approximately 20,000 students globally, and I believe the numbers and impact in the nations will increase in the future. Currently I am enjoying the refreshing impact of studying part time, as I’m enrolled in part-time studies for a Masters Degree in Christian Formation and Discipleship. In fact, I would recommend lifelong learning to everyone, young or old.

“Spiritual Formation is our continuing response to the reality of God’s grace, shaping us into the likeness of Jesus Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit in the community of faith for the sake of the world.”   Jeffrey Greenman in "Spiritual Formation in Theological Perspective
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