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MA in Discipleship & Christian Formation

It is hard to believe it has been two years, since I began studying with this incredible group of people.

We have met 6 x 2 weeks in Burtigny, Switzerland over the last two years and have just completed the final intensive. I’m ever so grateful for the incredible faculty staff, professors from various universities and for my home church and various donors that made this financially possible. Thank you!

There is still some ways to go with assignments and next year’s desired and dreaded thesis. My head and heart is spinning with fresh impact and revelation and an urge for the world to know. I’m still struggling to language it all.

Provost Gardening

During this last intensive I had the joy of spending an hour every afternoon working with my friend and UofN Provost, Tom Bloomer (the gentlemen to the far right), weeding, pruning and watering the Burtigny gardens. What better way to process a morning of lectures! 

Here follows a list of the different modules, just to give a teaser: 

Module 1 Spiritual Formation/Learning from Friends of the Past

Module 2 God, Creation, Man, Salvation- a fresh approach (narrative theology)

Module 3 Human Development 

Module 4 Philosophy of Ministry and Education

Module 5 Facilitating Spiritual Transformation through Worship and Community 

Module 6 Growing Disciples who grow the Kingdom 

It has not been easy to juggle studies, ministry and unexpectedly also have to care for my mother and transition from Sweden to Denmark all at the same time. Thankfully grace is there. Feel free to pray for more :)

The rest of the year, I have various meetings and teachings lined up.

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