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Moving back to Denmark!

I'm in the process of moving back to Denmark...

This last year I found myself spending an exhausting amount of time and money on the Stena Line ferry, between Sweden and Denmark due to my 87-year old mother cannot live by herself any-longer, and needs more frequent visits, help and care. In terms of ministry I have passed on all leadership in Sweden, and I can still maintain my Northern leadership role from Denmark - as long as I don’t move any more south than that :)

Honour your father and mother

Currently I live with my mother, serving and helping her, and will do so until a home with assisted living opens up. It is a rather interesting time, both painful as well as beautiful and difficult. I can think of a plethora of adjectives describing this season. I have lost my “wings” for a season, and are dealing with the here and now, - not knowing how long that will be, - while trying to keep up with some responsibilities through Skype meetings etc. When my mother moves into her new home, I will be moving to the Danish YWAM base, allowing for frequent visits, while also getting back into my own routines. God is speaking to me about Denmark, so I know that I am not here due to some kind of default only.  More on that later.

House for Rent!

What about my little Swedish home? My co-owner and I hope to keep the house, despite Anna living in Brazil and I in Denmark. We hope we will be able to make ends meet, by renting it out as a vacation home, on a weekly basis or so.  This way we can both use it as a get-away place, and stay connected with friends and our beloved neighbours. Let me know if you are considering a vacation along the beautiful Swedish west coast and interested in renting my little house. It will soon be offered on airbnb as well, but wanted to first offer it to friends. I will let you use the hammocks and fishing gear if you come :)

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