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Loren is with Jesus!

Confession time...

Much can be said about Loren, - he is a giant in global missions, an outstanding visionary, a brilliant thinker, a humble servant, a ground- and norm breaker, a risk taker, an incredible strategist, an extraordinary networker and mobiliser, and much more. One might question Loren's food preference tho! On one occasion, I picked him up very early in the morning from Gothenburg airport. I offered him some breakfast at the airport before hitting the road, but Loren kindly declined. However, a few minutes later, he asked with a hint of shyness in his eyes, "Would we happen to pass by a McDonald's on our way?" But only if I could keep it a secret from Dar. I kept the secret to this day, although I suspect Dar might have known all along. I bet Loren has been to McDonalds with hundreds of people around the world. Friends, it is time to confess...

I respect and honour Loren enormously, but to me he was, and is mostly just Loren, therefore this unpolished photo.

Loren, you got your waves, now enjoy the surf!

Now dimly behind a veil...

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