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Module 2 Completed

Module 2 was on the Theology of God, Creation, Man and Salvation. The next module, beginning in September, is about Human Development.

I have now completed Module 2 of my Masters degree in Christian Formation & Discipleship with University of the Nations as well as attended a 3 week intensive in Burtigny, Switzerland. I wrote the final paper along with 5 other assignments during the month of July. It was a lot of work to get it all done, but it was wonderful to see more of God and learn during the process.

One of the assignments were to create and lead a 5 hour retreat based on The Road to Emmaus. I found myself thoroughly enjoy the creative process and overwhelmed by hearing the impact it had on the participants. I can see myself create and facilitate more retreats in the future.

I am looking forward to the next module, but must admit that I’m grateful to have the months of August study free.

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